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Thompson's Healthy Bean Organic Coffee

Espresso - Organic Low Acid Dark Roast Coffee

Espresso - Organic Low Acid Dark Roast Coffee

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Espresso Whole Bean or Ground, Low Acid Coffee | Organic | 11oz | Healthy Bean Coffee

Love that strong, rich coffee flavor? Hate the negative side effects of coffee like acid reflux or an upset stomach? Want a coffee that is not only Clean and Organic but a coffee that will improve your health & overall well-being? The Healthy Bean Espresso Roast is for you.

Our Espresso Roast is one to surprise with its full-bodied + well-rounded flavor profile while staying: Low Acid, Organic, Caffeinated, High Antioxidants, Tested for Mold & Toxins

Cheers to a happier tummy and a healthier life!

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Coffee that keeps your tummy happy

The combination of our specialty-grade coffee beans and proprietary roasting process lowers the acid content of the coffee and is lower in chlorogenic acid (the main culprit behind acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, and other digestive problems).

Clean Organic Coffee

All of our coffee is certified USDA organic which means we never use pesticides. We also third-party test all of our beans to ensure the cleanest cup. Each batch is tested for… Molds, Mycotoxins (Ochratoxin & Aflatoxin), Yeast, and Heavy Metals. 

  • I can drink coffee again!!!

    "Being prone to gut issues, I had to give up coffee. I came across healthy bean am happy to say it is SO gentle on the stomach! I haven’t had any issues and the flavor is amazing."

  • Great Taste - No side affects

    "It’s delicious! So flavorful and our favorite cup of joe so far! We love that it is tested for mold and is chemical and pesticide free! Not to mention, organic!! -This has been something very hard to find! We are hooked!"

  • Love how gentle on the stomach it is!

    "Great tasting coffee that seems to be really helping me. I’m able to enjoy my coffee in the morning without the stomach upset that I used to have since this is lower in acid."

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Nancy from Arizona
Great Coffee

I love that you seem organic, low-acid, dark roast coffee. You're an answer to my prayers.

Kim Neitzel
Amazing! Makes me feel great

I love how it doesnt hurt my tummy!

Kathleen Lopez Hart

I love the Expresso ground coffee. The coffee is delicious smooth and no caffeine crash.

Low Acid Espresso

This coffee is fantastic and an absolute life saver!! When I became sensitive to acid, I was worried that I may have to ditch coffee forever. This is perfect! I’m disappointed that it’s leaving the subscription platform.

Awnna Lovelady
Love it

It’s great tasting! Set up the subscription. Vacation created too much for us due to not being home. I love the ability to adjust the original drop shipment amount. Sad to hear I will need to go to Amazon to purchase the Espresso bean. I hope it helps your business to take off. I really do like this product!

- Huntington Beach